In my work as a commercial photographer, I have had the pleasure of creating images of people from many walks of life. CEO's to circus clowns, brain surgeons to bikers, happy babies to homeless people, performing artists to police chiefs- I find ways to connect with each and every one of them. It's my job, and I love it.

I might be photographing professional talent for an advertising client or the president of the company she built with hard work. Everybody has a story, and I want to tell those stories in my images.

I shoot in my own studio or on location. I work alone or with an assembled group of creative professionals.You might need just one file or an entire library of images for a campaign. It all depends on your project.

"Working and playing well with others" has been my mantra for years. From simple head shots to full service productions, I work with experience, confidence and good humor.

Call me with ideas, concepts, scribbles on napkins, links to exciting things- whatever you are working on. Let's do everything we can to make your project happen!