I love to photograph authentic people in real or made-to-look real environments, and in studio. I like to put my subjects at ease with an easy-going personality and good humor. I prefer a style that is highly thoughtful, with careful attention to voluminous lighting and controlled tonality, all while appearing effortless. After years in the business, I'm inclined to work collaboratively, and keep a refreshing team-building attitude. I truly respect my subjects and those involved in the process of producing photography shoots. I like to stay engaged and approachable from the first phone conversation through pre-production, shooting and post. I want my images to communicate honestly. When I say Truth in Photography, I mean it.
  • I am a classically trained photographer, a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I was influenced by some of the masters of portraiture such as Edward Steichen, Horst P. Horst, Arnold Newman, George Hurrell, and Victor Skrebneski, as well as my contemporaries, Jock McDonald and Annie Leibovitz.

Have operated George C. Anderson Photography, Inc. for 30+ years
Past president of Ohio Valley Chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers)
Past chapter liaison of ASMP National Board
Former adjunct professor of portraiture at Columbus College of Art and Design 2000- 2019